Crop Guide:


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Citrus Washington                    
Timing Bud Break 2 weeks prior
to flowering
Flowering Fruit Set End Cell
  Fruit Fill   Post
Month (South) July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb March June
Analytical Services
OmniSoil Test                  
OmniSap Test                  
Spread (if applying spread, reduce fertigation rates)                    
OmniGOLD 300-450kg/ha                 Optional
OrganiBOR 30-50kg/ha (based on soil test results)              
Calciprill                   Optional
AN25 25L/ha 75L/ha 25-50L/ha             35L/ha
MAP Tech       25kg/ha           25kg/ha
OmniCal 50kg/ha   50kg/ha   50kg/ha 25-50kg/ha        
Pot Nitrate     50kg/ha     50-100kg/ha 50kg/ha     25kg/ha
Pot Sulphate             2 by 50-75kg/ha    
Mag Nitrate 50kg/ha     50kg/ha           25kg/ha
Mag Sulphate           25kg/ha   25kg/ha    
Rhizovator 10L/ha     10L/ha   10L/ha       5-10L/ha
OmniSureMulti 5L/ha     4L/ha   3L/ha 2L/ha 3L/ha   2L/ha
OmniSureZinc   1L/ha 1L/ha   1L/ha   1L/ha     1L/ha
OmniSureIron   1L/ha 1L/ha   1L/ha   1L/ha     1L/ha
OmniBor     1L/ha   1L/ha          
OmniMol   150ml/ha     150ml/ha          
Mega-Kel-P 3L/ha Optional 6L/ha   6L/ha 6L/ha 4L/ha     4L/ha
Zinc/Mang/Iron Mate 3L/ha Optional 3L/ha   3L/ha 3L/ha 3L/ha     4L/ha
MultiMate 3L/ha Optional       3L/ha 3L/ha     4L/ha
OmniBor     1L/ha   1L/ha          
OmniMol     100-150ml/ha   100ml/ha   75ml/ha     75ml/ha
Folical       Optional            
LoBi Urea ⋅⋅⋅ Optional            
Pot Nitrate   Optional      
Mag Nitrate Optional            

Important: Please note this program is general and for specific rates and timings contact your Omnia Agronomist