Crop Guide:


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Cotton Growth Stages Vegetative Growth Stage Reproductive Growth Stage Boll Maturity
  Pre Plant At Planting 4-6 Leaves 4-6 Nodes 10-12 Nodes
1st Flower
Growth Reg. Cut-Out
Analytical Services
OmniSoil Test            
Ground Applications
Bacstim   1L/Ha          
Rhizovator   7L/Ha          
Ferticoat 3L/Ha with urea 7-10L/Ha   3L/Ha with urea      
OrganiBOR 10-15Kg/Ha in Band
(as per soil test results)
Urea 250-300Kg            
MAP / Cot-Starter   300Kg/Ha          
Ammonium Sulphate   300Kg/Ha     150Kg/Ha    
Urea     250Kg/Ha side-dressed
(2x 125Kg/Ha as water-run)
Analytical Services              
Petiole Test            
Dry Tissue Test            
Mega-Kel-P     3-5L/Ha 5-7L/Ha 5-7L/Ha 5L/Ha 3L/Ha x 2
OmniSureMulti           2L/Ha 1L/Ha
OmniSureZinc     1L/Ha 1L/Ha 1L/Ha    
OmniMOL       150-200ml/Ha 150-200ml/Ha    
OmniBOR       1L/Ha 1L/Ha    
Omni-Ultra K             7-10L/Ha

Important: Please note this program is general and for specific rates and timings contact your Omnia Agronomist