Crop Guide:

Green Beans

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Green Beans      
Soil Sample     Sap Sample    
  Pre-Plant 3 True Leaves Early Growth Flowering Pod Development
Ground Applications
K-humate / <Rhizovator OB 10L/Ha     10L/Ha  
OrganiBOR 25-50Kg/Ha in Band
(as per soil test results)
OmniBLUE / OmniGOLD 500-600Kg/Ha        
Fertigation / Broadcast    
Map   50-75Kg/Ha      
Ammonium Sulphate     50-75Kg/Ha    
OmniCAL (CaNO3)       100-150Kg/Ha  
Potassium Nitrate       50-75Kg/Ha 75-100Kg/Ha
Magnesium Sulphate       25-50Kg/Ha 25-50Kg/Ha
Mega-Kel-P   5-10L/Ha 5-10L/Ha 5-10L/Ha  
OmniMOL   150-250ml/Ha      
ZincMate   1-3L/Ha 1-3L/Ha    
MultiMate   1-3L/Ha 1-3L/Ha    
Folical 19     5-10L/Ha 5-10L/Ha 5-10L/Ha

Important: Please note this program is general and for specific rates and timings contact your Omnia Agronomist