Crop Guide:


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Soil Sample         Sap Sample
  Bud Break Flowering to Fruit Set Oil Accumulation Nut Fill to Maturation Post Harvest
Ground Applications
K-humate / Rhizovator OB     10L/Ha   10L/Ha
K-Kelp     7L/Ha   7L/Ha
OrganiBOR         50Kg/Ha 
(as per soil test results)
OmniRED         400-600Kg/Ha
Ammonium Sulphate 50-100Kg/Ha       50-100Kg/Ha
OmniCAL (CaNO3)   75-100Kg/Ha 75-100Kg/Ha 150-250Kg/Ha  
Potassium Sulphate (Vita-K)     100-150Kg/Ha 150-250Kg/Ha  
Potassium Thiosulfate     20-40L/Ha 20-40L/Ha  
Magnesium Sulphate     25-50Kg/Ha 50-75Kg/Ha  
Mega-Kel-P 5-10L/Ha 5-10L/Ha 5-10L/Ha 5-10L/Ha 5-10L/Ha
ZincMate   1-3L/Ha 1-3L/Ha   1-3L/Ha
MultiMate (or other Mate Products)   1-3L/Ha 1-3L/Ha   1-3L/Ha
Folical 19   5-10L/Ha      

Important: Please note this program is general and for specific rates and timings contact your Omnia Agronomist