Crop Guide:


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Soil Sample     Sap Sample    
  Pre-Plant 4 Weeks 6 Weeks 8 Weeks 12 Weeks
Ground Applications
K-humate / Rhizovator OB ** 10-20L/Ha        
OrganiBOR 25-50Kg/Ha
(as per soil test results)
OmniGOLD 500-600Kg/Ha        
MAP   50-75Kg/Ha      
MKP     50-75Kg/Ha 50-75Kg/Ha  
OmniCAL (CaNO3)   50-75Kg/Ha   50-75Kg/Ha  
Potassium Sulphate (Vita-K)         50-75Kg/Ha
Mega-Kel-P   5-7L/Ha 5-7L/Ha 5-7L/Ha  
MultiMate   1-3L/Ha 1-3L/Ha    
ZincMate   1-3L/Ha 1-3L/Ha    
Folical 19     5-10L/Ha    

** If a cover crop like cereals has been planted with the onions, note that the program may enhance cover crop growth and adversely affect growth of onions. Hence it is recommended that either a delayed humate application AFTER the cover crop has died off OR you may need to change the timing of spray off to make sure the cover crop doesn’t out compete the onions.

Important: Please note this program is general and for specific rates and timings contact your Omnia Agronomist