Fulvic Acid Soluble Powder

Omnia Fulvic Acid Soluble Powder contains 90% fulvic acid and is designed for use directly in solution as a foliar fertilizer, dry mixed with other granular fertilizers or applied to the soil through fertigation systems. Omnia Fulvic Acid Soluble Powder chelates most plant nutrients and improves uptake by plants through foliar applications in overhead irrigations or hydroponics systems. In soil, Fulvic Acid Soluble Powder provides a rich source of carbon to stimulate microbial activity, improving root efficiency.  Scientific research has shown that Omnia Fulvic Acid Soluble Powder boosts the response by plants to fertilizer applications. This is very important in correcting any nutrient deficiencies in plants during growth, especially where deficiencies in nitrogen or trace elements are concerned.

The fulvic acids in this product are extracted from the humic substances of naturally derived plant organic matter. Fulvic acids are distinguished by their golden brown colour as compared to the dark brown to black colour of humic acids.


Benefits of Omnia Fulvic Acid powder include:

  • Quicker seed germination and faster growth
  • Improved moisture retention in plants and reduced moisture stress
  • Natural chelating properties
  • Provide a valuable source of carbon for soil micro organisms
  • Low calcium for improved performance



Fulvic Acid Powder can be blended with granular fertilizers or dissolved in water to produce a concentrated liquid


Fertilizers: 1% fulvic powder in the blend

Foliar: 100-500g per 100Ltr water

Seed Treatment: 4-5kg per tonne of seed

Soil Application:
0.3-1kg/ha by fertigation
1% blen with granular fertilizer
4-5kg/tonne as seed dressing



25kg Bags


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