Greenseal® is registered for the control of Eutypa dieback of grapevines; Botryosphaeria and Eutypa dieback of almonds; Silver leaf on apples and cherries.

Greenseal® is a specially developed pruning wound dressing, incorporating a fungicide Tebuconazole @ 10g/L, into a tough rubber like acrylic resin. Greenseal® is easy to apply, UV resistant, flexible, waterproof, dries quickly and encourages callusing to ensure rapid wound closure. During pruning, trees and vines are exposed to various fungal infections of the wood which can easily gain access via the new wounds.

Greenseal® seals the wound but also stops fungal infections of airborne spores to the exposed pruning wound.


  • Seals off pruning and grafting wounds or damage, for effective control of Euytpa lata and Silver leaf.
  • Provides a flexible but hard, physical barrier against airborne spore entry.
  • Ready-made, easy, refillable applicator.
  • Assists in the plants natural healing process by promoting wound “callus” formation.


  • Prune on suitable days. Sunshine and low humidity conditions are ideal for rapid drying of the wound dressing and minimal post cut inoculum build-up. Avoid applying in damp conditions. Most bacterial and fungal infections of wood aremost active in the wet winter period.
  • Apply Greenseal® on the same day as pruning. Humidity rises at night and spore release may occur infecting untreated wounds.
  • Apply generously. Apply a thick, even coat of Greenseal®, right
    to the edge of the wound to get the best protection. A second coat on very large wounds is always a good practice.
  • All wounds that require secateurs or a saw to remove branches, require dressing with Greenseal®.
  • Main stem. Pay extra attention to any pruning wounds made on the main leader. This is a vital part of the vine and may be the basis for a new canopy or a grafting opportunity.
  • Additives / Paint. Never include additives to paint or apply unproven mixtures directly to wounds, as they may inhibit the natural wound healing response.
  • Avoid using when sap flow is present, apply in dormancy period.


2, 10 Litres


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