K-humate S100

Soluble K-humate (Granulated) is a solid soil conditioner formulated to increase the ability of soil to retain nutrients and improve water-holding capacity.

K-humate (Granulated) enhances the soil’s ability to chelate nutrients and to promote exchange of nutrients between plants and the fertilisers being applied.

K-humate (Granulated) is a concentrated soil conditioner formulated from plant derived natural deposits of Australian Leonardite sourced from Victoria’s Gippsland region in Australia. For use with agricultural and horticultural crops, fruit trees, flowering plants, turf and pasture.


Field and laboratory trials have shown that K-humate (Granulated) increases soil fertility in the following ways:

  • increasing the cation exchange capacity (CEC) and water holding capacity
  • promoting the development of good soil structure
  • improving the retention and plant uptake of essential nutrients thereby reducing the loss of applied fertilisers from leaching and run-off
  • stabilising the soil against increased acidity from fertiliser applications
  • stimulating beneficial microbial activity and root growth
  • promoting nutrient uptake by plants in hydroponic production
  • improving the penetration and retention of calcium in the soil

The most concentrated form of humic acid available. K-humate S100 (Granulated) dissolves rapidly in water (100% soluble). Suitable for all irrigation and fertigation systems.


K-humate (Granulated) is suitable for agricultural and horticultural crops, fruit trees, flowering plants, turf and pasture. K-humate (Granulated) can be conveniently applied in conjunction with agricultural lime and conventional fertilisers like Urea and Superphosphates to maximise the efficiency of these fertilisers. For greater effect, K-humate (Granulated) can be mixed with conventional fertilisers before application. Also suitable for direct application in a liquid form or mixing with soluble fertilizer formulations.

When dissolving in water for mixing with other liquid fertilizers, test for compatibility with a small quantity in a jar. (pH of the solution should not drop below 6.0)


2-10kg per hectare


25kg, 1000kg Bags


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What are humates?

Humates are a rich source of nutrients and a powerful soil conditioner. Formed over millions of years in the south eastern Victoria region of Australia their unique properties have made them a must-have for Farmers around the world.

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