K-humate S100

K-humate S100 is a concentrated soil conditioner, which is 100% water soluble, formlated from plant derived natural deposits of Australian Leonardite sourced from Victoria's Gippsland region in Australia. K-humate S100 can be used in all agricultural crops including broadacre crops, horticultural crops, turf and pasture etc.

Soluble K-humate S100 is formulated to increase the ability of soil to retain nutrients and improve water-holding capacity. K-humate enhances the soil's ability to chelate nutrients and to promote exchange of nutrients between plants and fertilizers being applied.


K-humate S100 – is considered a biostimulant and has the potential to:
• Improve fertilizer efficiency
• Increase cation exchange capacity (CEC)
• Increase penetration and retention of calcium in the soil
• Reduce leaching and increase sustainability of soil fertility
• Increase water holding capacity
• Promote the development of good soil structure
• Decrease plant stress
• Stimulate beneficial microbial activity
• Increase root growth
• Improve yield and profit

The most concentrated form of humic acid available. It dissolves in water (100% soluble).


K-humate S100 is suitable for all soil types and all forms of irrigation systems (doesn't block drippers).

When dissolving in to water always add K-humate S100 first before adding any other chemicals. Do a jar test to check compatibility.


2-10kg per hectare


25kg, 1000kg Bags


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What are humates?

Humates are a rich source of nutrients and a powerful soil conditioner. Formed over millions of years in the south eastern Victoria region of Australia their unique properties have made them a must-have for Farmers around the world.

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